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Tri Pendant

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Inspired by my sister, created by me.

After seeing my sister complete her first triathlon, I wanted to give her a gift to wear proudly. I designed this pendant as a token of admiration and appreciation for her incredible feat. 

Each pendant is created from my 3D digital design and wax printed model, then casted in pure sterling silver, 14kt yellow or rose gold with matching necklace.

The Process:

Once it's casted in your choice of metal, we polish and prepare each pendant. You can order it with standard 16 inch or with an extension for additional cost.

Please note, each pendant has a slightly different surface finish. Each one is hand brushed and textured, so there may be small lines and markings. It's advised not to wear in chlorinated water too long, as any metal will start to discolor eventually.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production. This pendant is in no way affiliated with any official races or logos.

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