I want a ring with the highest, RBI's right?!?

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“I want a ring with the highest RBI’s,  right?!?”.

Man was born with a lot of things: Strength, agility, competitive spirit and survival instincts. However, man was not born with an innate understanding of how to buy jewelry.

So, now you’re sitting in front of your monitor (or looking down at your phone) scrolling your significant other’s (S.O.) Pinterest or Instagram trying to find out what they like in a ring.  You see they liked “so and so jewelers’ ring and BOOM! you’re on to something.

You start your internet search for “engagement ring styles” and you have no idea what any of this means….”Halo? Vintage? Filigree? Baguettes? Isn’t that bread??”

You’re thinking to yourself,  “I want a ring with the highest RBI’s, right?!?”.

Not only do you have the pressure of planning the most epic proposal, you have to also get the perfect ring.

The options are endless. So many styles and so many gemstones are available, it can be overwhelming. What do you do? Where do you start?

Thanks to the wonders of social media, it’s way easier for us guys to find out more about what your significant other likes. Sure, you’re going to ask friends and hope they keep a secret and do some snooping for you.  Or you can just PAY ATTENTION. Sometimes, us men just have to listen and look. You would not believe how many times our S.O.’s have hinted to us what they like and we’re just not paying attention.

To help you decide what to get, here are some of the most frequently requested styles I’ve been asked to create for my clients.


This is probably my most commonly requested style. “She wants simple and understated”. Typically this means a ring with one gem in the middle and a thin band or possibly a thin band with diamonds on it. Ladies are requesting more yellow gold as well, since it gives the ring a warmer feel. With a simple style engagement ring, she can have numerous options for a wedding band.


Have you heard of “something borrowed”? Well, this plays right into the sentiment that an engagement ring is being passed down to you from a time before us. I also often get requests to recreate a ring using a grandmother’s diamond or gem. There are jewelers that specifically sell vintage rings from  early 1900s up to the 1950’s. These types of rings have “filgree” on them, which is hand engraved scrolls or design work that looks like lace. Heck, I’ve seen rings from the 1970’s that are now considered retro.   When it comes to purchasing a vintage or estate engagement ring, think of it like buying a vintage car. They need upkeep and maintenance.  Always make sure they are restored to the best condition possible.


No, not the video game. Think more like an angel’s “halo”. I am positive, at some point you have seen this style ring during your internet search. It might be the most popular ring style over the last 10 years. Sometimes, the halo engagement ring can fall into the “simple” category, so this leaves you with some options.  The halo does give the center gem more ‘umph’ and reflects more light. If you want the best of both worlds, you can go with a single halo engagement ring for simple or you can do a ring with double halo’s to make it look big and give that extra bling.

Remember, it’s the passion and thought you put into the design that will add to your story. Any S.O. will love this and eat it up. Heck, you can always upgrade the ring in 5 years too!

Thank you for taking the time to read. You can always email me for questions at connect@edwardavedis.com

Avedis Guerboian

Designer of Edward Avedis

Social: @edwardavedis