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My name is Avedis, of Edward Avedis, and  I represent the 6th generation of my family business.  While working for my dad, Edward, at Readers Fine Jewelers, 5th Generation,  I started using my design talents to create some unique pieces for our clients. 

My talent for freehand sketching gave me some great opportunities to create commissioned designs for Hank Azaria, Ben Affleck, Bob Iger and Bryan Cranston; as well as numerous custom engagement rings. (See Custom Design)

Once my dad made the decision to retire, it was time for me to continue his legacy. Inspired from 15 years of working with my family and learning from my dad's 40 years of experience, I created  Edward Avedis Fine Jewelry. 

Jewelry is a work of art that can be gifted for generations and commemorates the special occasions in one's life. I pride myself on making my client's jewelry visions come to reality. All of my custom pieces are designed and created locally. 

Here, you can browse and purchase some of the pieces that are made to order or you can email me directly to create your own custom piece. (Email)



How's that saying go?   "A picture is a thousand words" ?